Arnie is a writer and photographer and, in former lives, a lawyer and consultant.

Arnie and his wife, Carol, have published two books of Carol’s poetry and his photography. The first, No Secret Where Elephants Walk, is based on their three trips to Africa and the second, Where the Sacred Dwells, Namaste, evolved from their travels in India, Nepal and Bhutan. Click here to see a list of Arnie's other books.

Arnie holds a B.A. from Brandeis University, a J.D. from Northwestern University School of Law, and an LL.M. from The London School of Economics.


Photography allows me to see the world in different ways and to extend the enjoyment of my travels for months, even years. Collaboration with Carol's poetry adds a dimension to our relationship and allows us to share our experiences with others.

My images reflect what I have seen and experienced. I have no interest in altering that experience through techniques that are readily available to photographers today, but I continue to experiment with ways of capturing the reality more fully. I love to photograph people, particularly old and young people. I try for graphic clarity and simplicity, using blocks of color. But black and white, use of light and motion increasingly interest me. I am evolving and, I hope, improving as a photographer. So long as that continues, I will remain captivated by this art form, and grateful for the joy that it has brought to me.